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CTech is an SINE IIT Bombay promoted enterprise situated at Powai, Mumbai, India
To partner research institutions, inventors, thinkers and to blend their ideas, technologies with ‘Humanolgy’ (the science of human potential, limitations & Interactive behaviour) for developing market-worthy and customized solutions through creativity, experience and professionalism, thus creating value for our partners, industry & benefiting society.
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CTech is a design, engineering and innovation led Development Company, that creates and delivers eco-friendly (green design), marketable products derived from technologies available at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT’s), various research laboratories, individual inventors and patent holders.
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CTech with the expertise at its command customizes technologies and makes them market-worthy by integrating business, technical, human, and creativity & innovation methodologies. We offer these to the companies looking out for new business opportunities and markets to enhance their competitiveness and profitability – thus creating value for the industry, and also for our partners.
LED Solar Lights India

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